Buddha Bank Donation #1

It was with unbridled pleasure that we delivered our first Buddha Bank Donation to Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts. With sales nearing $1,000 we were able to donate $105 in January, 2013. Our next donation will be in May, help us increase our donation amount by purchasing your very own Metta T. Remember, 10.8% of all sales will be donated to non-profits that promote meditation and lovingkindness practices.

The Buddha Bank, Explained

BuddhaBankLogoJustheadDana (pronounced dah-na) is a Pali word that means generosity. The Buddhist values that resonate most strongly with us have always been: kindness, compassion, and generosity. Kindness and compassion are reflected clearly in the messages on Metta T shirts, but generosity is something we felt we needed to build into our business model. That’s how we came up with the Buddha Bank. Every three months we will take 10.8% of all sales and donate that amount to a non-profit organization that supports meditation and lovingkindness practices.