Our Story

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Metta is a Pali word that translates literally to “boundless friendliness” but is often used to mean lovingkindness, or lovingkindness meditation.  It is often comprised of three messages – some version of the following: may all beings be safe and protected, may all beings be peaceful, may all beings live with ease and with kindness. We sincerely hope that when wearing a Metta T shirt, lovingkindness is spread by the wearer and to all those who read the message.


One day in January of 2011 I was in a yoga class and I started thinking about how often we look at people’s backs in yoga class. I thought it would be nice if there was something pleasant written on the back of the person in front of me instead of “Bob’s Trucking” or “Class of ’08.” I was thinking that it would make people feel good if there was something kind written on people’s backs that they would read over and over again throughout the class.

I was trying to think of kind and loving messages; what could be more kind and loving than metta. So then I went to my partner, Liz, after class and she took me to an art supply store where we bought fabric paint, or (essentially) puffy paint. We went home and she pulled out her needlepoint rounds and I grabbed three of my white tank tops that I always wear to yoga. We spent the afternoon writing the three Metta messages, one on each shirt. The final product looked a bit like something an eight year old might make at a slumber party, but the messages were clear.

So, the next time I went to yoga class I put on my shirt and this crazy thing happened.  I was about to race for the stairs, because I was going to be late, when another woman approached the stairs at the same time. I remembered what was on my back, and I thought “I can’t be rude and cut this woman off when I have this lovingkindess message on my back.” So, I gracefully let the woman go first and thought, “Wow, this accountability is a whole added bonus to wearing the shirt.” The awareness inspired by wearing the shirt is as valuable as the lovingkindness message itself. I was really struck by it. So that night I went home and I put Metta on all of my yoga shirts. Metta messages on my shirts really do help keep me accountable. I am much more generous and kind when I have a Metta T on. It’s true, I really am.

From that point on I turned my energy towards finding a way to make actual Metta T shirts (not hand painted) that I could share with others. That is how this website was born, and how we came to having the shirts we carry now as well as all of the items we are developing for the future.